How to Face Paint Find The Painter In You

I can completely understand if your a Mummy at home with children maybe a baby, running to the door because a sales person is at your door, you’ve baby sick on your shoulder of which you meant to wipe off earlier, your hair is propped up by a crayon again which you meant to take out. Your clock watching to do the nursery run, maybe catch a bit of the news or Jeramy Kyle, while changing nappies doing the ironing mopping hoovering dusting prepping dinner or just cleaning the loos out!

Playing with the baby, getting them ready for another trip out today to pick up child from nursery right rush back home while popping to shops for bread and milk. In undress children make their lunch you grab a bit of theirs as you’ve no time for yourself. We change baby again get them to sleep play with the older child so they have you time, then ready to go again, everyone ready back to school to pick up older child /children. By now it’s raining so you all get wet, so have to dry out clothes do dinner sort lunches book bags pe kits wellies or shoes read with older children write comments in book. Prepare clothes for tomorrow put the washing machine on wash up bath read to children pop them to bed, then sort baby.

Well I can hear you say when will I get time to face paint let alone train, just to let you know all the people men and women who face paints loves it, I love it with a passion and wish I’d of done it years ago. It takes time and practice, you can practice in the evenings, or morning if baby falls asleep. The training day I obviously would ask for help maybe a friend could pick older child up for you Mum could look after the baby and another friend pick up the toddler from nursery for you in return you could do a child’s party for free only one mind we don’t want anyone taking advantage of your good nature. If you decide to get help you then do a party so you also get practice too so it helps your business become popular, people will book with you so you add more and more as you go. Maybe even been asked to do the local nursery and school for fates and for summer and winter events.

Learning how to face paint is a great outlet for a hobby craft art work, fun enjoyment and so much more. Once you start you cannot stop it’s addictive and great for your

own family as you’ll be good at it too. Anyone that moves you’ll be practicing on you’ll have fun all the time.

I’m starting to train people as there is enough business for everyone or you may like to do as a hobby. it is going to be lots of fun on the day plus you’ll have a written copy so if you need help it’s available quickly. There are going to be other courses to achieve to in the festival scene too this is going to be good. Come along and enjoy with other happy people.

Check eventbrite on link above to book your ticket. See you there.


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