Award Winning Face Painting

Wow an award winning face painter how happy am I

In December I attended a Christmas Party, with lots of like minded ladies enjoying time together networking. Ladies showcasing their products for Christmas all beautifully dressed up and lots of time take to make them great gifts. I’m afraid we do a lot of hugging at our networking as we may not of seen someone for a while, all happy smiles plus a very happy atmosphere.

Tea time fabulous food, apart from salmon, I tried it again after many years ago not liking it! I still don’t like it, everyone else enjoyed it though. Then there were the cakes of which were perfect, we all like a nice cake and mince pies at Christmas, we are all chatting have a great time chilling talking about Socially Shared and how super it is how we fit in and don’t feel judged by others.

Karen Heap and Becky Jones the business owners, take to the front of the room I thought oh raffle tickets, whoop, well no they did a little speech about how Socially Shared is so successful and then kindly thanked the ladies that help behind the scenes meetings pulling ideas together etc. So going through the Ladies I started to tape this lovely speech, Piece of Cake Marketing two great women whom do a lot of good advising on social media, Sophie Heap who does lots on the development on social media and website. We then have Maxine PR lady keeps all in check…. now as the conversation is going I’m thinking they have missed me out oh no. I’m still videoing smiling but now thinking they have yep missed me out, Shelley Wilson our new fabulous award winning author wonderful lady always has a smile on her face. Oh well it’s ok take it on the chin, it’s Christmas don’t worry, Karen started talking about one lady they couldn’t miss out, at first I thought who is this, then the penny dropped oh goodness it’s me, wow I thought, it’s weird listening to someone says such nice things about you, very humbling indeed. Phaedra my friend sitting next to me decided to take my ipad to turn the camera to me which was funny because I’m always the one that takes the pictures and videos.

Those two beautiful ladies had known how annoyed I get about face painters getting a raw deal how I always try for them myself, letting people know how hard it is and what we have to put up with at times!!! So they made an award especially for me Oh my word Well I was STUNNED completely that doesn’t happen often. It was Advocate of the year for Socially Shared I’ve a beautiful certificate and bottle of bubbly too. I cannot thank you enough ladies, I’m completely thrilled, and overwhelmed but also very happy, although I’m always happy at Socially Shared and when I’m Face Painting!

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