The Godiva Festival………… my weekend 

The Godiva Festival free entertainment for Coventry.
First of all I would like to thank Coventry council for putting this event on every year. My family and I have enjoyed this wonderful weekend for years. But my outlook now is OMG it’s March I need to get sorted!!!!

Yes it’s the run up to the festival I’m running out of time, so much to do like sorting marketing, branding, signage, pictures to tell everyone which designs there are. Sorting two kits, so two lots of everything paints stencils glitter brushes, glue, brush off brush, water container, hair glitter, hair chalk, cosmetic glitter, cleanser, wipes, money bags, books to make and laminate, check last years signs find them first!!!! making bling for children which takes two days to make. Cutting stencils out finding designs I like, also cutting the Godiva Festival logo out people love it a designer logo at the festival in a glitter tattoo. Buying lucky dips and then wrapping up, some things I make so again more time needed to keep on track of July. 
Everything is in twos as I have my wonderful dream team buddy face paint buddy Sophie who helps me every year as she is so mature helpful and trustworthy I just love working with her. As I’m old I can mess around as I’ve nothing to loose and she looks at me in disgust which is really funny, she’s the young one that should be doing what I do!!! 
Sophie works really hard to help everyone around her she surprised me this year by making me some really cool leaflets for parents to fill out so we can get the children onto the social media to help with ratings all good she’s amazing. She also got Noel her fantastic boyfriend to come and help me, he too is amazing.
Coventry’s Godiva Festival has won another top award – just days before thousands are set to flock to the War Memorial Park for three days of big-names in the music and entertainment world. All for us folks in Coventry.

I pray for weeks to have good weather again another box ticked, thank goodness, that’s one we cannot control we have to hope for the best it can be.
So two weeks before the event I’m now checking to see if we have enough stock, well I think so but I will buy some more just in case we run out, I make more pics so it shows that glitter is now for teens Mums and Dads, it’s for everyone, then decided we need more bling so make plenty more takes hours upon hours, but look fantastic when finished for that festival look.
Coventry’s Godiva Festival is set for a Sunday circus spectacular, thanks to the team behind the bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021 the Godiva Festival has this year taken part in a European exchange programme, sharing the region’s home grown talent with one of Coventry’s original twin Kiel Germany also the worldwide Bhangra sensation, Panjabi MC, my friend Parm saw this and loved it she was surprised to see him here with us. Whoop. 
Coventry Godiva Festival is billed as the UK’s biggest free family music festival and has been going for 19 years. Based in the city’s historic War Memorial Park, for three days the event offers great live music, entertainment for everyone, food and drink, craft stalls, and children’s fun fair, face painting by the dream team, plus lots more community based partners. All coming out for this amazing event, to enjoy that spirit of Coventry that grips family and friends into the vortex of summer and the Godiva weekend that people so look forward to for weeks.

Organised by Coventry City Council with the support of partners, the festival prides itself on offering the best of Coventry and Warwickshire backed up by top national artists and performers. 

Godiva Festival is always in July each year. There are five stages in total across the Main Arena and Family Field:
Main Stage – A mixture of big names and local talent! 
Rock/Rhythm Tent – On Friday night, the tent becomes the Rock Tent, full of rock and metal, and by Saturday, rap, grime and acoustic sets take to the stage. 

Paradise Tent – Family comedy, street theatre and young entertainers, plus a silent disco!

Acoustic Stage – Acoustic sets. 

Community Stage – A stage for community groups to perform, including local dance troupes, choirs and youth theatre

The Urban Youth Tent features music and general advice for young people in the city. We had the wonderful Laura from the Coventry Telegraph come and asked the parents how they were enjoying the festival and taking pictures of the children which went onto the webpage. Laura came to speak to us on both days of the event she had the glitter festival look and looked amazing too.

So did I or did I not that’s the question? Well yes we managed to pack away walk back up the hill to the entertainment field a watch The Darkness, they were on fire fantastic it was still very sunny he also wore a foil suit!!!! Which he had to strip to waist pretty quick, the whole show was packed with energy and just brilliant. People started to throw the usual in paper cups so we decided to make our way home. We popped into the ska tent I managed a bit of body wriggling I had to control the bingo wings though. Then a nice ice cream as I’d lost my voice, ugh, then realised I had to drive home great, after a long day but I loved it all and Sophie and I make a Pact same time same place next year we high five and have the same smile as last year.

On Monday to my surprise I had a call from Liv, from Coventry and Warwickshire BBC Radio asking if I’d have a chat to Jo Tidman about The Godiva Festival STUNNED is the word but yes please. So I chatted to Jo and I just have a magical bubble every year, of that happy feeling everyone has.

A Day in a Face Painters World

Wow such a lot of organisation to get ready for my weekend, although joe public do not see the side to face painting, just five minutes while painting their little cherub. I’ve got the will want sometimes the energy, as I’m a big organiser having six children and twelve grandchildren my life has followed that path on many days and nights, sorting things has been my job for a very long time.

I don’t think many painters blog I hate to say this but there is some moaning, some beautiful stories of cute children, horrendous descriptions of awful parents, funny things that happened, and sad oh so sad nippets of information or OMG this happened to me today stories, all of which I love to read.

I think on average we sort ourselves out pretty good, we are all good with google maps and google earth so we know where we are going!!! I prepare pictures to show which designs I will be doing, so have to paint on a board, it’s see through just like a chopping board but it’s not. Made by a very lovely friend Sally-Ann and an amazing artist too. Well quite a few hours sorting that job out, and who just loves ironing and putting the shopping away, cleaning brushes for me is the same, so after every paint job comes the cleaning of the brushes wonderful NOT.  Once the pics are done I print off, haha yes once I’ve managed to find the picture and send via a wireless world to my printer ( which is new) and takes ages to connect with each other to print!!!

Then there’s the kit sorting, please be aware of clean face painters, my bug bear is dirty face painters equipment yuc, then us clean ones get a bad name. I use a j cloth wandering around and around cleaning my paints yes the edge with my finger nails to get in all the little grooves, and the lids also, making sure no paint or sticky fingered sweetie holding children that decided to touch my precious paints in the beginning when I’m talking with gritted teeth! Oh my then there is the water pot mine is grey, I hate grey by the way, they get grubby because of the paint, most are great until you use the black oh hell black it wrecks the whole pot, but I’m patient and take my time I clean a few times then I get the ear buds out and go inbetween the grooves to clean the whole pot could someone invent something self cleaning please. Pretty please. Now your all going to love this part of my great job GLITTER whoop I get to play with glitter, so I sort out my pots, to make sure they are all full, if not order some more online here we go another job to do. Well I feel like the GLITTER FAIRY in my house there is always some glitter on someone’s face in your dinner! Pants, in my bed as granddaughter always has on or in her hair. I make my own stencils for tattoos this takes a least half a day just to fill up where I need to be, and once again it’s this wireless world again, when it works it’s amazing when it doesn’t well lets not talk about that. Arrrrr the glue something to be reckoned with yes it has to be sticky I know that, but why oh why do I manage to get on my clothes always. Hair grips in, glitter hair gel in, brushes in, straw in in case of Darth Vader around. Monster stencils in, Vaseline in don’t ask!

Well all sorted off to work we go happy, another day I will tell you more………..

Festival Faces & Feet

Glitter faces, hair, beards, arms……….

Summertime, wonderful everyone in great moods,  with the lovely warm sunshine we’ve craved is finally here,  which also means the great British Festivals are back, and anything goes. Music, friends, family, laughter food and lots and lots of glitter, even the guys are loving glitter beards these days. I love festivals because of the buzz of happiness is all around I’ve worked in Coventry, and London to say I have a brilliant time is an understatement everyone has so much fun.

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Branding utilise for your business 

Branding trying to help businesses.
Whether starting up your company or looking to re-brand, educating yourself on the importance of branding can ensure that, in this saturated world of business, you can stand above your competitors, with the right plan.
Not only is a brand a promise to your customers, but it tells them exactly what to expect from my service, who I am and what I do.

Just look around at some of the biggest brands in the world, their branding is so strong you need only to see the flash of red or an apple, to know which brands people talking about.

Many small businesses confuse marketing with branding, but in fact these are two separate mediums that simply intertwine. Marketing promotes your brand, and your brand is your business personality that I’ve created.

If I can create a strong brand presence,  that relates to my target audience, it will become an asset unto itself.

A truly incredible brand goes beyond a great logo and tagline. It has an idea behind it and a clear sense of purpose that drives everything that the company does and is associated with.

Defining who I am as a business is a time consuming adventure of self-discovery, of which seems everlasting.

It may take week or months until you hit that light bulb moment, but when it all comes together it’s worth it in the end, you will know when it’s right.

So begin this task asking yourself some questions:

* What’s your company’s mission statement?

* What are the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of your product or service?

* What do your customers perceive your company to be?

* What attributes do you have for your customers to associate with your company?

You have to set yourself somewhere in your industry. Are you top end which takes time, or lower end because your still gaining knowledge, are you an experienced company with traditional skills, or a new company with innovative ideas, for the new business world.

Do research into your prospective customers, so you get a feel for what they think when they see your branding.

Communicate your brand as much as possible everywhere you can and every spare minute you have to engage your audience. The foundation of your branding should be epitomised in a strong logo.

This is one of the biggest parts of your business, also encompassing  the very essence of who you are and what you stand for, this shouldn’t be created ‘on the cheap’ as they say. Qualified graphic designers are so helpful when getting it right, an incomprehensible logo that doesn’t make any sense and hasn’t been designed with the target customer in mind would be a disaster.

 Customers will gain an instant first impression about your business as soon as they see the logo as when they see you it’s the 30 second rule. You must ask yourself how it’s going to look on every aspect of marketing, from the letterheads, website, social media, to any promotional products you may have in mind for the future.

Even the psychology behind logo design can enable you to create a voice for your brand. Whilst rounded designs are often viewed to be feminine, straight shapes have been proven to resonate well with men. An increasing trend in logo design has been the use of green and blue tones, as these colours represent eco conscious, although mine are all colours.

Many brands are moving away from busy and outdated image themed logos, and moving to ones with cleaner lines, less imagery and more on the font. If you choose to create your logo yourself ensure that you are aware of these trends and the different meanings behind colour, I always check out the colour as some are not good colours for business.

Be aware

Branding is hard, but once you’ve nailed it you then have the difficulty of ensuring your brand message is never tarnished. Being consistent with where your branding is placed, and how it remains true to itself, will reassure customers that your business has integrity.  They will know you anywhere and if you have built a great reputation they will stop and look at what it is your saying.

Now your brand logo should only be assigned to products or adverts that you feel represent your brand philosophy. Deterring in any way will undermine the very concept you took so much time creating and have built on your vision. So be protective of your branding when beginning any marketing activities. If someone calls trying to persuade you into an advert just let them know the budget has been placed for this year.

Now that you’ve got you’re knowledge for the basics of business branding, use your brand identity in every part of your business almost everyday. From the way you answer the phone, right down to the way you dress, I have my brand on shirts and hoodies to keep me warm!!! Make sure your business is brand ready at all times, and you will succeed at capturing your audience, and hopefully keeping customers too.


Face Painting Explained 

Yes, I do this for a living, face painting is a real professional job! Many people seem to think that this is a hobby for me, something that I do for my own personal enjoyment, rather than a way to pay my bills, as everyone else does. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some people are in the care industry, solicitors, teachers, some people are … face painters. Face painting is a business just like everyone else has a job this is mine!!! 

I pay for face painting public liability 5 million insurance as I’ve worked with the council’s local to me, you can only work with the higher amount of insurance. I pay my tax and national insurance as everyone else does!! Ive taken training courses, only last Wednesday did a course on the business side. I travel far and wide to learn, and attend extremely expensive workshops and events to train and buy products. I refer to those of you that I paint as my “customers”. As a professional face painter this is my business, I take great pride in what I do, I represent myself therefore my reputation is on the line.
 Is my job fun? Well of course I love it I wish I’d done it years ago! it’s one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had! But just because what I do is fun, doesn’t mean it isn’t a real job. It’s a lot of work, behind the events too. I meet so many people who are always shocked to hear that this is my actual profession, as I deal with a networking group of ladies people expect me to say something business like a PA, or a Manager of some sort. I’m sort of classed as a meaningless person when I say Face Painter. When I proceed to tell them I have insurance…it’s a registered business… that I go on business courses … many people look wide-eyed! Then they say I had no idea you do all that as a face painter and it’s an actual job. I am here to let you in on a little secret, it is and it’s truly fantastic.

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