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Women Who Achieves

I decided to nominate quite a few business women that I could see worked hard within the business world and took ages for them to get going within their business. I saw determination in them and felt they deserved to be nominated.

So the night before the event, I ended up in a car crash, ( not my fault) car a write off, insurance police no car whiplash, I nearly didn’t attend the event. I didn’t want to let the ladies down that had got through to the finals.

I turned up early waited, not feeling my best, had support from some wonderful women, Sally, Tracey, Nishi, Karen thank you all for looking after me!

Turning my chair round to watch the days Events enjoying the day clapping I hurt my hands, Moira gets on stage I’m thrilled, she works along side men in a hard industry so to win was fabulous. My friend Trish then won with Carole so to see them on stage together was amazing.

Lunch was perfect, we all had a super time, listening to some speakers, we all have bad days months sometimes years, but picking yourself up and carrying on is the hardest thing, so to listen to others is heartwarming.  Sandra then talks about a lady, whom someone had sent a letter about she had fans, and her story, so I’m listening intensely then she said she has nominated lots of people, mmm Louise and Sally kept saying it’s you, I’m like it’s not me so started drinking my tea, they were still saying to me so I missed what Sandra was saying. So we waited for the name it was my name yet I still looked round to see who would get up, not believing it was me, how did this happen. I nearly choked on my tea.

How I got to the stage was a miracle, then in a state of shock, photos taken goodness knows what I will look like! Chatting to the lovely David Sharpe as he was asking me questions my mobile on my watch started ringing it was the insurance company of which everyone laughed, it can only happen to me. With whiplash bruised body I felt like an old dear getting of the stage and had lots of help. In a state of shock but so very happy, I know Stephaine Rix nominated me so big thank you, and some others whom I don’t know so thank you too.0F84E4AC-A9C0-4BA4-9994-ABBBE47E0618

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Any events Minimum two hours is £75.00.

3 hours is £110.00

4 hours is £145.00

This is for Events during hours until ten pm after this time please call for a quote.

If you’d like to book an event please contact me to see if times and date is available as I get booked up quickly.

If the party is further than 10 Miles then mileage will be added to total @ 40p per mile.