Terms & Conditions


Although I use only FDA cosmetic compliant paint products that are safe for the skin, I am as an artist not liable for an allergic reaction to paint products. I check  carefully all my products  and the manufacturers guidelines. It is the parents/guardians response ability to tell me that the child has a skin condition or allergies. There will be a sign for parents to read on the table.

For sanitary reasons I will Not paint anyone whom looks ill, either with cold soars, skin conditions, broken skin, conjunctivitis, paint on eczema or broken wounds.

It is recommended that children aged 2 to 3 years have a small design on the hand or arm only.

* I use a clean sponge for each face painted.
* I Change face painting water frequently.
* When working I maintain a high standard of hygiene by keeping myself and my kit clean as I work.
* Please Ensure faces are clean.

All paints used are washable with soap and warm water on a flannel, I will use reasonable care but am not response able for any damage to clothes or property.

I will not supervise the children at a party, the behaviour and safety of the children is the role of the host/ parents responsibility.

The designs in the book or posters are the designs available, chosen in the colour the child likes or theme. Under no circumstances will I body paint at any event, no rude suggestions.

I have the right to cease painting and leave without refunding any monies if there are extreme adverse conditions and the customer fails to remedy the situation even though it’s been brought to their attention. Adverse conditions included, are violent behaviour towards a child/ children, or adult, illegal activities, or otherwise dangerous conditions.