Cold burrrrr

519DFF5E-AB85-4579-8952-A1D992F67A5FWell now I can feel a blog coming on, I have had a nice weekend as my life is a little bit glass half full rather than half empty. I’d like to think I’m a happy person, but on occasions I have to dig very deep.

This last three days I’ve been at a fun packed Christmas festival the entertainment has been second to none, the organisers have had everything covered I’ve had Street entertainment coming to me to make me laugh, at first I was quite scared as they had mistletoe in their hands. The older one that looked like a Victorian chimney sweep with a real cockney accent to match, had a small piece of mistletoe saying you wanna kiss with his black face and teeth! Then the younger one comes along with his large bunch because he is younger, very funny. They popped by all the time to keep us all entertained.

As I’d found out Monday I’d be doing this event, which I was very excited about all week making lots of Christmas stencils and also plaques as I make them too, to help as gifts for people for stocking fillers. So all week have been painting constantly, putting pictures together for the event, finding my flask for hot water and my Starbucks drink flask, my granddaughters Micky mouse flask. Then there’s the matter of my hot water bottle as when outside it’s nice to have just in case. Putting food together for the weekend as your so tired when home you cannot do anything. I also do lucky dips for the children so I have to go out to buy some to top up what I already have, so when in I’m almost wrapping myself up there’s that much paper, keep loosing the scissors oh not the cello tape has got stuck again get the nails on it.

So that’s sorted the lucky dip yes I think I’ve enough boys and girls too yes happy with that, food sorted, flasks, hot water bottle, bags to put it into, and condensed everything down to make less trips when I’m there. Oh then there is the matter of the weather, so I keep checking, on the Monday when I found out I was working, we had 6”-7” of snow so obviously it’s cold, all week below degrees. Friday -1 clothes are an issue to keep as warm as possible. So let me prepare so I don’t have to worry about this in the morning, right pants tick skins top and bottom tick, a nice sports top that is tight on waist and wrists, to top off nice thick jumper that always keeps me toasty. A pair of tights thick jeans then a pair of thick socks with fur on the inside, great all sorted oh hang on scarf gloves and my Uncle Teds flouresant coat bright yellow cannot miss me now. I’ve popped them on my radiator so they will be toasty when I put on in the morning. As I’m getting all these jobs done to prepare for my big weekend I’m getting excited now, then Thursday is here so shower and straighten hair to look as nice as possible. Load up car with all bags boxes tinsel Christmas lights, so until morning I’m ready to rock and roll.

Alarm set yep all good, until my brain realised I have to be up early and won’t sleep just in case I don’t wake up for my alarm, so it decided I didn’t need my sleep that night, great thanks for that. Hence to say up before alarm goes off.

Up I get ready fast not messing brush teeth hair shoes coat on and off I go, oh my life, out to car there’s almost an inch of frost to scrap off really? So get engine on then go around every window to be able to see, I still have my sticker on Coventry City Of Culture 2021 on the inside, we won last week so it made me smile. Well I managed to get in car drive very slowly out of Street once on main roads not to bad but people driving extremely carefully so took ages to get there. Go to drop off my bag boxes etc, all people great so far Ady is there so at least there is a Face I know which makes me feel better. I get a ticket for the parking, put all my items in the gazebo drive to car park then take the walk back as fast as I can to the market. Wonderful I’ve a lovely lady next to me we looked after each other all weekend if we need the loo etc.

My day is setting up putting tinsel up around to make it look visually nice. Checking everything to make sure it all looks appealing for my customers, yep all good. I generally sit down as I’ve arthritis in both my knees, so I let people read my plaques laugh then I ask which one they are reading so it then gets the conversation started rather than jumping on them as soon as they step inside.

Normally I don’t drink much so I don’t have to leave my stand but it was unbearably cold I had to have hot drinks to keep me warm on my hands and to keep my body warm too. So then the worst thing happens then oh nooo have to go the loo, so I head off as a friend of mine came to see me which is very much appreciated and I run to the loo. Well this is a feat in itself, off I go to Starbucks forgetting I’ve three layers on, I go to get in the loo, oh my it’s one of the smallest I’ve ever been in, I had to put one foot in swing on the door and swing in the other leg!  Just before me is a guy whom pissed on the loo first brilliant start, so as I’ve a cold fab I have a tissue I wiped the loo seat. Then get underneath my coat unzip Jeans pull everything down then slump onto the loo heaven go as much as I can look for loo roll oh god none, and I’ve used my tissue already ugh??? Well ladies it’s shake shake shake, flipping great we then there’s another issue I pull up pants then go to get jeans which aren’t going anywhere why what’s happening underneath this massive coat and tops I have on! Oh god yes the tights and skins too get them up first tuck them in so I get comfy. Wash the hands and go swinging both legs out the door to get back out and trying not to look like a fool on the way out.

I get back apologising for taking a while, but relieved I’d been. As the day goes by people watching enjoying entertainment selling a couple of plaques, no face painting though today, trying to stay warm, the cold was creeping through my ugg boots then three pairs of socks, to my toes, cold attcking my legs back nose fingers every part of my body, I thought at one time someone will find me frozen on my chair in a sitting position. It was unbearably cold, with a bitterness in the air.

lucky on of the stallholders was very kind and filled my flask so I could keep warm by having warm drinks, wow thank you very much! Wonderful people stallholders all the people involved Steve and Roy helped me with my gazebo and information too, so helpful thank you guys.

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