Where to shove my paint brush…………………..

Well as having six grown children yes six! I know a bit about school holidays, and believe me it’s not all happy days I understand that but really mothers are going mental these days.

Being at a local event at the weekend lots of families in a beautiful village in Warwickshire having the most wonderful time face painting and having great fun with the children and parents too, until a lovely dad came along……….

He waited patiently with his daughters, no problem smiling chatting watching me paint some children, unfortunately in front of him came two separate families whom both boys wanted full face paints which obviously takes longer. Now this is where the fun starts Mum decided to pop over and literally have a pop at dad for being so long! I’m not waiting look at the time, we need dinner, I need to go to the shop, I’m not going on my own!!! I’m sitting painting my stomach starts to turn feeling a bit sick like I should be apologetic in doing my job because she’s not happy, I do my best to be professional and not look at her as I also see another mum roll her eyes at her too eeekkkk.

She goes away and as she goes away she starts shouting, and getting louder the further she gets, how embarrassed oh gosh I’m still painting just, dad just stands his ground and does not move very calmly standing still by his children not flinching. Wow I thought what a great guy to hold his ground with his wife who is very bossy.

You bet where is she, well she’s back again creating loudly again!!! Oh my goodness life as a face painter, this lady is doing my head in its bad enough concentrating without having a woman getting irate about dinner and going to the shop. Now I’m on the little girl in front of them thinking they would leave to get dinner, no husband is still here strong in his conviction that he will stay with his daughters no matter what she throws at him he decided his daughter would have her face painted because she wanted to, no matter what mum wants he is making sure his daughter has want SHE wants. Good on you dad.

So now their turn beautiful young lady sitting in front of me no mum in sight, I’m apologising about the wait dad said it’s ok the boys had big ones didn’t they. So we get on with a funky face paint a quick one using beautiful colours, chatting as we went she was a lovely girl, she had glitter too, I asked if I could take a photo because she looked so good, Mum comes back as I’m just finished and said that was well worth the wait!!!!

Did she realise how this made me feel let alone her children husband other customers, I could only smile thinking a least I did a good job imagine if I were a new face painter what would she of said then.

Well I’m having a great time looking after my granddaughter for two weeks we’ve had fun doing things like shopping everyone likes to shop, Face Painting, practicing gym, flying a kite, going to the playground, painting, colouring feeding the ducks, blackberry picking, sewing, knitting, gardening, cleaning, she asked me if she could mop the floors today!!! Oh bless her she is six, she came with me to a four hour business meeting and was as good as gold the whole time although I think the cakes someone bought helped a nice chocolate one. We have visited a castle of which she loved so much but what I’m trying to say is most things can be done for free yes we’ve paid a bit, but a tickle and a hug is free, time is what is nice for children, I try to give that in bucket loads. Kindness to our future will bear goodness for us when we are old.

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