A Day in a Face Painters World

Wow such a lot of organisation to get ready for my weekend, although joe public do not see the side to face painting, just five minutes while painting their little cherub. I’ve got the will want sometimes the energy, as I’m a big organiser having six children and twelve grandchildren my life has followed that path on many days and nights, sorting things has been my job for a very long time.

I don’t think many painters blog I hate to say this but there is some moaning, some beautiful stories of cute children, horrendous descriptions of awful parents, funny things that happened, and sad oh so sad nippets of information or OMG this happened to me today stories, all of which I love to read.

I think on average we sort ourselves out pretty good, we are all good with google maps and google earth so we know where we are going!!! I prepare pictures to show which designs I will be doing, so have to paint on a board, it’s see through just like a chopping board but it’s not. Made by a very lovely friend Sally-Ann and an amazing artist too. Well quite a few hours sorting that job out, and who just loves ironing and putting the shopping away, cleaning brushes for me is the same, so after every paint job comes the cleaning of the brushes wonderful NOT.  Once the pics are done I print off, haha yes once I’ve managed to find the picture and send via a wireless world to my printer ( which is new) and takes ages to connect with each other to print!!!

Then there’s the kit sorting, please be aware of clean face painters, my bug bear is dirty face painters equipment yuc, then us clean ones get a bad name. I use a j cloth wandering around and around cleaning my paints yes the edge with my finger nails to get in all the little grooves, and the lids also, making sure no paint or sticky fingered sweetie holding children that decided to touch my precious paints in the beginning when I’m talking with gritted teeth! Oh my then there is the water pot mine is grey, I hate grey by the way, they get grubby because of the paint, most are great until you use the black oh hell black it wrecks the whole pot, but I’m patient and take my time I clean a few times then I get the ear buds out and go inbetween the grooves to clean the whole pot could someone invent something self cleaning please. Pretty please. Now your all going to love this part of my great job GLITTER whoop I get to play with glitter, so I sort out my pots, to make sure they are all full, if not order some more online here we go another job to do. Well I feel like the GLITTER FAIRY in my house there is always some glitter on someone’s face in your dinner! Pants, in my bed as granddaughter always has on or in her hair. I make my own stencils for tattoos this takes a least half a day just to fill up where I need to be, and once again it’s this wireless world again, when it works it’s amazing when it doesn’t well lets not talk about that. Arrrrr the glue something to be reckoned with yes it has to be sticky I know that, but why oh why do I manage to get on my clothes always. Hair grips in, glitter hair gel in, brushes in, straw in in case of Darth Vader around. Monster stencils in, Vaseline in don’t ask!

Well all sorted off to work we go happy, another day I will tell you more………..

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