Face Painting Explained 

Yes, I do this for a living, face painting is a real professional job! Many people seem to think that this is a hobby for me, something that I do for my own personal enjoyment, rather than a way to pay my bills, as everyone else does. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some people are in the care industry, solicitors, teachers, some people are … face painters. Face painting is a business just like everyone else has a job this is mine!!! 

I pay for face painting public liability 5 million insurance as I’ve worked with the council’s local to me, you can only work with the higher amount of insurance. I pay my tax and national insurance as everyone else does!! Ive taken training courses, only last Wednesday did a course on the business side. I travel far and wide to learn, and attend extremely expensive workshops and events to train and buy products. I refer to those of you that I paint as my “customers”. As a professional face painter this is my business, I take great pride in what I do, I represent myself therefore my reputation is on the line.
 Is my job fun? Well of course I love it I wish I’d done it years ago! it’s one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had! But just because what I do is fun, doesn’t mean it isn’t a real job. It’s a lot of work, behind the events too. I meet so many people who are always shocked to hear that this is my actual profession, as I deal with a networking group of ladies people expect me to say something business like a PA, or a Manager of some sort. I’m sort of classed as a meaningless person when I say Face Painter. When I proceed to tell them I have insurance…it’s a registered business… that I go on business courses … many people look wide-eyed! Then they say I had no idea you do all that as a face painter and it’s an actual job. I am here to let you in on a little secret, it is and it’s truly fantastic.

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